Lovell Fuller

I have 25 years' commercial experience in developing software for the web as both a team member and leader.

I am active within the open source software community. Popular JavaScript libraries I maintain are downloaded over 30 million times every week, that's more than 50 downloads per second. Over 5 million GitHub repositories depend on my software.

I am invited to speak at events relating to web technologies, including the most recent Web Directions Lazy Load conference.

People that have worked with me say I am pragmatic and care about quality, security and performance.

Contract Software Engineer, Styling Ltd

2015 - 2024

SaaS startup

2023 - 2024

Building an image delivery network focused on sustainability, privacy and interoperability.

Skills: TypeScript, Node.js, Svelte, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes


2022 - 2023 (Sponsorship, Remote)

Beneficiary of the 2022 Google Chrome Framework Fund, receiving part of a US$500K sponsorship package relating to open source web tooling.

Introduced the AVIF image format to the Sharp image processing library and therefore the JavaScript and Node.js ecosystems, helping to improve user experience on the web.

It has been estimated that up to half of all AVIF images on the web are now generated via Sharp.

Skills: JavaScript, Node.js, C++, C


2021 - 2022 (Contract, Hybrid)

Joined a small, expanding startup technology team building a new platform to simplify access to private market investments.

Designed and developed new TypeScript services and Terraform-managed infrastructure to integrate with external financial and legal systems. These were deployed to Google Cloud running on a combination of Google Functions and Kubernetes, with all data stored in PostgreSQL.

Interviewed and provided training for new starters. This focussed on the security and privacy aspects, especially important given the financial nature of the product.

The company was able to secure series A funding as a direct result of this work.

Skills: TypeScript, Node.js, Google Cloud, PostgreSQL, Terraform, Kubernetes


2021 (Contract, Remote)

Approached directly by senior management at Shopify for my expertise in reducing file size and improving colour accuracy of product imagery.

Worked with the operations and media teams in the creation of a new, high traffic image CDN. This involved migrating an existing image processing pipeline from ImageMagick to the open source libvips, adding support for animated GIFs.

The service is now used by almost all Shopify-based web sites globally, handling thousands of requests per second.

Skills: JavaScript, C++, C

LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton

2017 - 2020 (Contract, Hybrid)

Member of the in-house Digital Atelier service design agency, working with luxury brands such as Celine, Dior, Moynat, Sephora, TAG Heuer and Thomas Pink.

Helped improve software development practices, especially those impacting multiple brands, which might previously have been outsourced. This was a hybrid role working remotely as well as in-person in both London and Paris.

Introduced the use of AWS services such as Lambda to integrate with external systems, including headless e-commerce and digital asset management. This increased both confidence and care of technology within the group.

Helped improve web performance of the Sephora website, including removing extraneous JavaScript, increasing sales by an estimated 5%.

Part of the launch team for the first LVMH brand to use Shopify.

Skills: JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Amazon Web Services, PostgreSQL


2016 - 2018 (Contract, Remote)

As a preferred supplier to Facebook, contracted on an as-needed basis to act as a bridge between their internal tech teams and external publishers using the Audience Network platform.

Integrated existing, open source JavaScript libraries with new, real-time APIs. This involved a strong focus on quality and unit testability, with the resulting code running on millions of devices worldwide.

Skills: JavaScript, HTML


2015 - 2017 (Contract)

Helped the world's largest academic publisher migrate the ScienceDirect website to the cloud.

Shaped technology choices for a multi-year migration from a legacy C++ monolith to new services running on AWS.

Responsible for introducing React to the client-side as well as designing and creating new JavaScript APIs running on Node.js.

Encouraged a focus on continuous delivery and overall system stability.

Improved performance of the most popular open source JavaScript XML parsing library by 300%, allowing for on-demand processing of an archive comprising 20 million documents.

Skills: JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, Amazon Web Services, XML

Development Manager, Net-A-Porter

2011 - 2014

Coached three cross-functional teams each including development, test and UX to become as autonomous and high-performing as possible.

Provided line management and individual mentoring to 15 developers in technical and interpersonal skills.

Led development on a custom e-commerce platform generating annual sales of half a billion pounds, utilising technologies such as JavaScript, Node.js, Java, Spring, Scala and MySQL.

Recruited using a combination of real-life technical tasks and in-person interviews to discover those with potential to learn quickly.

Skills: JavaScript, Node.js, Java, MySQL, line management

BSc (Hons) Computer Science

1995 - 1998

University of East Anglia, Norwich and Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.